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How do I set up a custom domain name?
Last Updated about a month ago

To set up a custom domain:

  • you need to be a QGIS Cloud Pro customer
  • you must add a CNAME record pointing to

DNS configuration example for (in BIND format):

map  IN  CNAME

Please note the trailing dot.

Now test whether the internet can resolve your custom domain: visit and enter your custom domain there. If your custom domain is set up correctly, then the result of the lookup would look similarly to this.

When you have successfully verified, that the custom domain resolves correctly, create a ticket, and we will set up your custom domain on our side.

Once your custom domain is set up on our side, your map will be accessible with the same path as before, but under your own custom domain (

In case that you want the landing page of your custom domain ( to redirect to some given URL, then please indicate us the target URL in the ticket.

This option is only available with a QGIS Cloud Pro account.

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